Big Data, Big Business, and Analysis Paralysis

January 30, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Meritocracy. It is governance based on individual ability. Corporations with the exception of the board of trustees, try their best to implement this system. It creates a hunger for internal data. Performance data, careful analysis, and well-researched decision-making process.

It also upholds strict monitoring, regulatory, safety, and auditing processes. It does not only provide performance data on merit, it also prevents fraud and internal shenanigans.

Large amounts of data are processed and discussed by a decision-making body. The shared opinions provide a wider and more accurate view of any situation.

It sounds good in theory, it is also costly. Big data is spreading analysis paralysis on big business and SME’s. The article talks about how to avoid such pitfalls when using big data.

– Miyagi Kazuki

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